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With the amount of e-mails that's been going back and forth about flying out and the villa and everything I'm wondering when exactly people are flying out.
This post gives times, but is it safe to assume that everyone is flying out on the 20th and back on the 27th?

I can't see the Monarch flights available for those times, so I might come along on a different flight.
And without wanting to sound like a complete mong (Only half, kthx :]), it is Alicante I should fly to, right?

Anyway, I'm getting more and more excited :}
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Jackie and Shaun has regretful bowed out but this doesn't provide us with any additional costs really and means we can all squeeze into the villa.

The cost per person is now £71.40 each (not £59.50) but then we're not paying for an additional apartment so about the same cost.

Barbarella themadcatlady (birthday girl)

Ground floor double: Vicki digitalangel (organiser) and Mark bloomoo
Ground floor twin 1: Liz redcountess and David reddragdiva
Ground floor twin 2: Kris sakara75 and Lars panzerbjrn

Lower ground floor twin 1: Geraldine and her sister, Debbie
Lower ground floor twin 2: David froodthehoopy and Andy silent_andy

Sofa of her choice: Sharon cyberpunkgrrl
Barb Pink Wig Nuts

This is just so you know what´s planned for the weekend....

Since digitalangel is sorting out the gothvilla and travel arrangements etc., I really ought to start thinking about arranging the actual party at this end!

So here´s the plan:

DAY 1:
There will be not one, but TWO parties. The main one will take place on Friday 21 April, with a Karaoke rig and DJ (my mate Bob), and we shall sort out buying drinks for this earlier on in the day. This party will also be attended by all my local friends here, so I am expecting approx. 30 people altogether including you lot. There will be NO FOOD this night (cause I can´t afford to buy for so many people), so the suggestion is that we go out for a nice meal before the party.

::Can we please sort out *what kind of meal* we are going for beforehand though, because I know there are a couple of very picky eaters amongst us and I really have no patience for arguing it out on the day!:: There is a good Chinese and a great Tex Mex (which also does "normal" food!) within 15 mins´ walking distance from the Villa. I have to pick up my parents from the airport at some stage during the afternoon and also have to be at the Villa before the party starts so Bob can set up his DJ rig, so anything closeby to eat at is preferable.

DAY 2:
The "Private Party" will be on Saturday 22 April - this will be only us lot plus my parents and their partners. I will arrange some food and a cake for this, and there was also the suggestion that we could do a BBQ, since we have the nice outdoor BBQ thingy by the pool. Hopefully we shall have bought enough drink to last us for the second day too! ;)

If you have any suggestions, bring them on!!! I need more suggestions for food and entertainment! :)
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Sleeping Arrangements

Here are the current sleeping arrangements. It's up to sakara75 to choose which of our lovely lads she'll be sharing with but she's got til April so no major rush!

Ground floor double: digitalangel and bloo_moo
Ground floor twin 1: ladydchaos and mrmrsmith
Ground floor twin 2: sakara75 and one of the boys (froodthehoopy, silent_andy or panzerbjrn)

Lower ground floor twin 1: Gerarldine and Debbie
Lower ground floor twin 2: Two of the boys (froodthehoopy, silent_andy or panzerbjrn)

redcountess, reddragdiva and cyberpunkgrrl will be sharing a seperate flat though Sharon will always be welcome to come and sleep at the villa, if the others want a bit of privacy! ;)
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Sorry to everyone that we lost our table and everything went pear-shaped. Also sorry bloomoo Mark and myself headed home about 10pm but we were quite tired and I wasn't feeling 100% (and I hadn't drunk any alcohol!)

I think next time we should try to all meet (well we all know Barbarella but not really each other) and make it a Saturday or Sunday when it's easier for us. After Christmas of course! :)

It was good to meet people albeit briefly.
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As I know only a few people going, I thought it might be nice for us all to get together for a meal/drinks before we go to get to know each other a bit better. I know sakara75 is not in London so may not be able to come along but I thought it was a good idea.


EDIT: Are people free for a meetup Thurs 1st or Fri 2nd December whilst Barbarella's over here?
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1-Bed Apartment

I know Liz and david (diva) have said they'd be interested in the apartment we'll book in Bitacorp but I'd thought I'd see if anyone else would be interested in taking it, if it becomes a problem for them.

It'll be for two people, be near Barbarella but further from villa and probably be best if one person drives. As the complex has it's own pool, I'd guess it'll be good for those people who'll like more alone time!

There is the thought of Lars, David (frood) and Andy taking it and one person sleeping on the sofa to be manly men! ;P

RE: the sofa. We'll have one person on the sofa anyway so any volunteers?