Vicki - Vivien Dress

Gothvilla Roundup - Anything Missed?

Points of note:


froodthehoopy stripping off and skinny dipping and gothicbabecat stripping down to knickers and joining him

Lots of beer drunk in the pool

Debbie and digitalangel playing pool unbelievably badly

Staying up til 5am every night

The Drag Show on Tuesday night- silent_andy and panzerbjrn taking part, digitalangel getting in trouble with Dusty Diamond

Everyone getting sunburn on the first full day

froodthehoopy's dancing at the karaoke in the pub on Wednesday night

themadcatlady and panzerbjrn doing Barbie Girl

froodthehoopy snogging themadcatlady's father

Karaoke at our rather nice villa on the Friday night

The only meal out together before party

BBQ with us and themadcatlady's family on Saturday - bloomoo being BBQ King

froodthehoopy's ginger pube jokes

cyberpunkgrrl finding a drink with her name on

froodthehoopy's drunk songs

panzerbjrn getting digitalangel and himself lost! :P

Laughing at each other's passport photos

digitalangel and her various bruises especially the huge one where she slipped over on steps whilst getting beer for the pool

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Barbarella's Photos
Vicki - Vivien Dress


Traffic was a bit icky and looking forward to a nice sleep once had pizza (and beer!)

Hope everyone gets home OK; I see Debbie and Geraldine's flight is 4hrs late.
Ice Bear

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Since I'm stuck at work until later...


Has anyone received their EHIC cards?
I just realised that I haven't received mine yet...

Who else will be bringing laptops?
Would it be worth it to bring a wireless hub so we can share pitures and stuff like that?

80s Synthpop FOR THE WIN :)
Maybe a bit of rock as well...
Vicki - Vivien Dress

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If you don't already have a EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), don't forget to get one. This replaces the E111 form.

You can apply via a PO, online or by phone so no excuses! :P

Info here.

Also don't forget to have a valid passprt and holiday insurance.

Vicki - Vivien Dress

Changes (Again!)

Now that sakara75 has also regretfully pulled out we're down to 10 in the villa so everyone gets a bed!

Updated room list:

Barbarella themadcatlady (birthday girl)

Ground floor double: Vicki digitalangel (organiser) and Mark bloomoo
Ground floor twin 1: Liz redcountess and David reddragdiva
Ground floor twin 2: Kris cyberpunkgrrl and Lars panzerbjrn

Lower ground floor twin 1: Geraldine and her sister, Debbie
Lower ground floor twin 2: David froodthehoopy and Andy silent_andy

If anyone else plans on hiring a car from the airport, drop me an email and I'll send info. :)